SELS Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the following educational philosophy. We believe:

  • In educating the whole child, attending to not only academics but also character, physical and emotional well-being, and service to the community.
  • Interdisciplinary learning expeditions, developed from state standards, promote learning through authentic experiences that encourage critical thinking and social responsibility.
  • Our multi-age, looping model helps build stronger relationships between students and teachers, and lead towards a safer, more vibrant school environment so critical to the teaching and learning process.
  • Small, multi-grade classes cultivate a safe environment for individual learning and self- discovery.
  • High expectations for character and behavior create a school culture exemplified by physical and emotional safety, accountability, compassion, integrity, and respect.
  • Shared school traditions and celebrations support reflection, personal growth and a sense of belonging within the school community.kclass
  • Multiple means of assessment, including portfolios and student-led conferences, along with academic and character reports, hold students, teachers, and staff accountable for the highest quality of work.
  • Multicultural studies and a foreign language component instill tolerance and broad worldviews while fostering an appreciation for local and global diversity.
  • A diverse school population reflective of our community promotes intercultural understanding and respect for individual differences and similarities.
  • Physical fitness, outdoor activities, and visual and performing arts are an integral part of students’ daily lives.

We believe learning best occurs in a safe yet stimulating environment, where challenge and support help children discover their abilities, values, and passions. Our learning program is built on the belief that given appropriately nourishing experiences, all children can learn, but not in the same way, nor equally well from the same sources. We believe that all learners possess an innate and unique creativity that can be developed given the appropriate environment. It allows for the joy of knowledge and self-expression and the thrill of exploration. It is flexible to accommodate the individuality of learners and to evolve as our community and the world around us evolves.

We believe that a sustained love of discovery is the foundation of lifelong learning. The creativity and enthusiasm for discovery that is natural in young children is nurtured and expanded throughout the educational experience. Real learning takes place when active participants make personal connections to the skills and knowledge available to them. Motivation is the key to building this connected learning. The root of motivation is linking new skills and knowledge with personal interests and needs. Students will be challenged, taught as individuals, learn about historical and contemporary world problems in a safe, kind environment, and will develop the tools necessary to shape and improve the world of tomorrow.

A K – 8th public charter school in Truckee, CA