Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Sierra Expeditionary Learning School is to inspire a diverse group of learners to achieve academic excellence while developing a strong sense of character and community. Our goal is to preserve each child’s natural curiosity and love of learning

Our Vision: An Education for the 21st Century

We recognize that the world is rapidly changing. The 21st century will require us to think differently and not just adapt, but also transform. As we increase our understanding of human intelligence and behavior, we know more about how we can learn effectively, and the value of learning throughout life. It is the goal of Sierra Expeditionary Learning School to awaken a love of learning in young people, and to give them the ability and desire to carry on learning throughout life. We recognize that an educated person in the 21st century needs to be literate, competent in the core academic disciplines as outlined in the California State Standards, and a reflective lifelong learner. An educated person needs to have a strong sense of self and realization of his or her own gifts and talents. We help our students cultivate the following capacities:

  • Creativity – think creatively, work creatively with others and implement innovations
  • Critical Thinking – reason effectively, use systems thinking, analyze and solve problems
  • Communication – communicate clearly and collaborate with others
  • Adaptability – adapt to change and be flexible
  • Initiative – manage goals and time, work independently, and be self-directed learners
  • Accountability – prioritize, set and meet goals, and achieve results
  • Leadership – guide, lead others, and be responsible to others
  • Information – accessing and applying information technology effectively

At Sierra Expeditionary Learning School, we are committed to ensuring all of our students acquire these abilities so they are able to thrive in a changing world and be a contributor to the community. We place a strong emphasis on the relationship between the school and the home, recognizing the critical role of families in fostering children's education. We see ourselves as allies of the family, mentoring and supporting parent's efforts to guide the intellectual and emotional development of their children. When afforded respect, fairness, kindness, discipline, and appropriate instruction, we believe every child is capable of achieving his or her potential to the fullest.

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SELS is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation, Truckee Charter School Foundation, dba Sierra Expeditionary Learning School. Federal Tax ID: 27-1627347.

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On top of all the teaching and learning, I'm struck by the joy in the faces of all the children as they go about their quest for knowledge. Thanks to all the courageous and energetic people who had the vision to make this school a reality. With all the challenges the world faces today and predictions of disaster, these committed teachers/staff, these engaged families, and these beautiful children are a beacon of hope.

SELS embodies everything that I feel is important in my child's education and I am so grateful that she has the opportunity to learn in such an enriching environment. Teaching our children how to think and how to treat others is critical to their future success. I am thankful every single day for all the wonderful staff at SELS.

What an amazing place. It has been everything for my son that I had hoped he could experience in school. Great teacher, stimulating learning environment, and a deeply caring and nurturing place.

I am grateful that my child is encouraged to interpret concepts and think about how they apply to his life, not just memorize and repeat material. I love that SELS asks kids to think about who they are and how they contribute to the community, locally and globally.

I greatly appreciate that SELS is a heart-centered school that teaches ethics and values along with academics. That approach makes SELS a unique and special place.

I appreciate all the teachers and staff and their responsiveness. I also appreciate all the work the staff are doing to help the kids figure out how to fill each other's buckets!

Our son is bubbling over with excitement for learning. This environment is gifting him with life long skills to succeed. We are so thankful for this school.

All the Adults and students challenge each other the THINK!

SELS is amazing in the way they teach topics hands on and allow the children to learn in practical settings. We couldn't be happier seeing our son flourish so much! Thank you.

I am very grateful to the SELS staff for offering my 5th grader their hearts, as well as their knowledge. Better yet, they make learning fun and adventurous! My youngster is THRIVING at your wonderful school!!

We are thankful for many wonderful ideals and principles at SELS, but what really brings those into reality is the caring, hard-working teachers and staff. We wouldn't have thought that someone else would care as much about the whole education of our daughter as much as we do, but there is a whole team of such people at SELS.

I am so thankful that my 5th grade daughter is a member and student of this beautiful community and school. She is receiving a fantastic education with hands on learning, caring, understanding, creative, out of the box thinking and intuitive teachers. She feels included, important, confident and is growing tons in her knowledge and place in this wonderful community. Thank you SELS for being an amazing part of my daughter's education and Life!

I truly appreciate all the staff, students, parents and families at SELS. It is these people that make SELS so wonderful.
This has become a new 'family" for us!

I am so grateful for the amazing staff; they are the most amazing guides. It is an inspiration to watch them help our children learn and grow into thoughtful, independent, productive human beings!
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