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Weekly news and updates from the SELS Director

DN Feb 25, 2015

Director’s Notes                     Feb 25, 2015

Hi all,

Nice first week back from Ski/Skate Week. Everything is moving along smoothly as teachers dive further into spring expeditions. Fieldwork will be starting up soon; please make sure you find ways to help make this happen.


Goal-setting conferences are starting up; you will receive sign up forms from teachers. While March 11 is an official Minimum Day, we hold an “in-house” Minimum Day on March 12 to help provide time for conferences. Students will be participating in various station activities (gym play, outside play, reading, homework time, etc.) run by non classroom teacher staff. If you would like, you may pick up your children on this day beginning at noon for middle schoolers and 1 pm for elementary.

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DN Feb 11, 2015

Director’s Notes                    Feb 11, 2015

Hi all,

With Information Meetings coming up next month, and the Lottery on April 2, we are starting to think of next year. All of you should have received an “Intent to Re-enroll” form with your children’s progress reports. Please return those to the Office by Friday.

Information Meeting dates: March 12 (Kindergarten focus), March 24, March 30, with the Lottery April 2. All meetings start at 6 pm on campus, and families can go to any one meeting. Please pass this info on to those interested.

Our Board has approved next year’s calendar; please see attachment.  SELS School Calendar-2015-2016 (2)

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