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Drumroll, please…..Introducing, the Biosphere! Brisbin Crew News

And just like that, the Brisbin Crew slam-dunks their case study 1 book project; copies currently processing and will be issued to our class once in print.  Just ask your mighty crew member how much fun they had making these- their explanation will be accompanied by a smile.

You might just ask, well, what is their expedition about, Mrs. Brisbin?  I digress… Many moons ago my original SELS mac bit the dust.  Therefore, all passwords that I so conveniently saved onto my computer were also gone with the wind, including my account info.  Our speedy, tech guru came to my rescue immediately, but, alas, the monthly newsletter was back-burnered countless times until it was shameful, blah, blah.   To put it concisely, I am sorry! I promise to calendar in my newsletter articles so that they are as dependable as a Tahoe winter…. Continue reading Drumroll, please…..Introducing, the Biosphere! Brisbin Crew News

Happy New Year to the Brisbin Crew!

Happy New Year, Crew! I hope your holiday break was restful, fun, and filled with family and friends. As we wrap up our expedition “Redcoats and Rebels,” students are completing their final project for their synthesis boxes: a biography and multi-draft sketch of Benjamin Franklin. Students are enjoying the steady pace of their workload- in comparison to the super intense push for Celebration of Learning. They feel accomplished in completing their final product and are looking forward to our new expedition which kicks off on January 20th. More on that later!…. Continue reading Happy New Year to the Brisbin Crew!