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Sound & Light Engineers


Swing by our room any afternoon…the classroom is literally BUZZING with excitement and learning!


We are off to a grand start with our month-long expedition, Sound & Light Engineers. Brooke Landis, local science/engineering expert, will continue to work with our crew throughout January to explore the ways sound and light travel. Thus far, we have been working as scientists to observe sound and light and to question and investigate some of our ideas on these topics. During the second half of the month, we will become engineers and learn about the design process, so we can design and build devices that use sound and light to communicate. Swing by our room any afternoon this month to see your youngsters at work. The atmosphere is literally buzzing with excitement and learning! Continue reading Sound & Light Engineers

SELS Summit Day/Oct. 2014

SELS Summit Day

“Bringing the mountains to your hearts…” -Bell Crew student

 SELS Summit Day

brought to you by the Bell Crew/First Grade…

Who: Entire SELS student body and staff members

What: First annual SELS Summit Day

Where: All-day hike to Castle Pass

When: Tuesday, October 28th


How: With the help of amazing staff, parent drivers and chaperones!

The first annual SELS Summit Day served as the final product of the first graders’ expedition, entitled “I Love the Mountains!” The expedition focused on goal setting, adventure and developing a sense of place through the mastery of local geographical landmarks– specifically, the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In the week preceding the event, the first graders made goal-setting presentations to each SELS crew (K-8). The presenters used first-hand experiences to demonstrate how breaking a goal into manageable parts makes an impossible goal feel possible. In addition, the first graders presented their own hand-drawn “peaks profile” to teach their peers how to identify the main peaks visible in our area. SELS students used the profile as a resource on Summit Day to identify local mountains. Continue reading SELS Summit Day/Oct. 2014