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Akers Crew 4th & 5th grade

Great New Year!

Thanks to TTCTV for a great experience filming our Charlie Chaplin Movies!
Thanks to TTCTV for a great experience filming our Charlie Chaplin Movies!


First, we want to send a BIG THANK YOU to TTCTV for such an exceptional experience with filming our Charlie Chaplin Movies! Everyone enjoyed our big premiere at Celebration of Learning! Thank you to Rory, Dan and Katelyn for all your hard work!

Our new expedition this year is called Sierra Scientist, Go with the Flow! We have started with science protocols learning about matter and will transition into science labs, Continue reading Great New Year!

Grateful for a Wonderful Crew!

As we close up November and make our way into the hectic but wonderful holiday season, I want to express to my crew and families how grateful I am for this exceptional group! Thanks to the parents for all the help they provide from homework, class time, harvest of the month, behind the scenes work,  and  driving on fieldwork. Thanks to our amazing kiddos who work so hard, have fantastic ideas and embrace new ideas with open minds!
We have been quite busy with knowing that Celebration of Learning is right around the corner.  The students are busy completing case study projects as well as working on Silent Movies.  They have put a lot of effort and creativity into an interactive map for the brochure project in which students labeled major mining areas, landmarks, travel routes, and development in California.  The brochures are creative with an abundant amount of information in the contents. Our final product is a silent film based on Charlie Chaplin’s “Gold Rush” movie.  The Brisbin and Akers crews both are over the moon with this product and are having a ball getting their scenes together. Mrs. Brisbin and I are enjoying watching them write, produce, and act in their very own production, while they incorporate expedition content into their final product. Please work with your child to develop their costumes, and they are more than welcome to bring in props to make their film fantastic! We are so thankful to Dan Martin who we will meet with to film our movies at the high school TV station.

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