Board of Director’s Meeting, Nov 5

Board of Director’s meeting, SELS campus M-4, 6-9 pm, Monday Nov 5


  1. Call Meeting to Order

  1. Approval of Minutes ACTION

  1. Approval of Agenda ACTION

  1. Public Comment

  • Non-agenda items: no individual presentations shall be for more than three (3) minutes and the total time for this purpose shall not exceed ten (10) minutes. Ordinarily, board members will not respond to presentations and no action can be taken. However, the board may give direction to staff following a presentation. There will be time for public comment on each agenda item for no more than two (2) minutes each participant.

  1. Director’s Report INFO/ACTION

  • API scores

  • Retirement benefits

  1. Parent Teacher Crew Report INFO/ACTION

  1. Review/Adopt revised Bylaws INFO/ACTION

  1. Financials INFO/ACTION

  • October Financials

  • PCSGP expenditures

  • Loan Update

  1. Facilities INFO/ACTION

  1. Capital Campaign INFO/ACTION

  1. Committee updates INFO/ACTION

  • Lottery

  • Diversity

  • Hiring

  1. Adjournment: Next meeting – Monday, December 3rdth 6-9pm.

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