Welch Crew News: 10/24/14

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, October 28:  SELS Summit Day at Castle Pass
  • Thursday, October 30:  Nevada County Library
  • Friday, October 31:  Bear Walk
  • Thursday, November 6:  Parent Math Night
  • Monday-Tuesday, November 10-11:  NO SCHOOL – Veteran’s Day Holiday
  • Friday, November 14:  Gratitude Evening
  • Wednesday, November 19:  Minimum Day
  • Monday – Friday, November 24-28:  NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break

We are crew Not Passengers

Expedition Express

FIRE and ICE:  Earlier this month, our crew set out on our Fall Adventure Fieldwork to the historical townsite of Boca.  It was a great experience for all involved.  The 2nd and 3rd grade students showed how to live by the SIERRA norms throughout the trip by showing RESPECT to our experts, STRENGTH by stepping outside of their comfort zone and spending the night with their crewmates in tents, and RESPONSIBILITY when cleaning up our campsite and keeping track of their belongings.  Students listened to stories about Ice Harvesting in the old town of Boca and were able to hold and experience authentic Ice Harvesting tools brought to us by expert Tom Macauley.  Another area for students to explore was the Cal Fire trucks and bulldozers.  The crew learned how these firefighters manage and contain wildfires in our area. Continue reading


Seaborg/Minczeski Crew Newsletter 10.23.14

Important Dates:

Oct. 27- Harvest of the Month: Peppers

Oct. 28 – SELS Summit Day at Castle Peak – 9:30 – 3:00

Oct 31 – Bear Walk; 9:45-11/11:30 am

Nov. 6 – Parent Math Night 6:00 – 7:00

Nov 10 & 11 – NO SCHOOL; professional development day for all schools and

Veteran’s Day

Nov 14 – Gratitude Dinner

Nov 19 – Minimum Day

Nov 24-28 – NO SCHOOL; Thanksgiving Week

Dec 10 – Minimum Day

Dec 22 – Jan 2 – NO SCHOOL; Winter Break


Expedition News

  •      Fieldwork:  Our Boca Adventure Campout earlier in the month could not have gone smoother.  The second and third graders showed the Sierra norms and were very engaged with our experts.  At one station, Truckee Cal Firemen discussed the recent fire at Boca and how they handle wildfires in general.  They had two fire trucks and the bulldozer there for them to check out and explore!  The icing on the cake was when they allowed the children to spray the fire hose.  At another station, we had ice-harvesting expert Tom Macauley share his wisdom with us.  His great-grandfather was a Boca ice harvester and had intriguing stories for the children.  Handling the authentic ice harvesting tool was a highlight for the crew.
  •      Thank you to chaperones: Cassie Hebel, Carolyn Gallagher, Randy Ronzone, Carrie Hunter, Kerri Flaherty, Susanna and Mark Neave, and Jeff Bender.  Also, thank you to Shauna Ronzone  and Susanna Neave for taking the time to organize behind the scenes!
  •      Fire- In the classroom, we jumped on the opportunity to focus on wildfires, as we were stuck inside from all of the King Fire smoke!  The students enjoy learning about the pros and cons of wildfire and have become quite opinionated about whether wildfires are good or evil.  We also walked to Truckee Fire Station 92, next to Wild Cherries, to work with expert Paul Spencer.  He shared numerous historical fires in Truckee and how they impacted the town over the years.
  •      Truckee timeline- Currently we are focusing on an overall timeline of Truckee’s history.  The students are working through complex text to pull out important information that we will be using for a Celebration of Learning performance.   Stay tuned for more info!

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