DN June 10, 2015

Director’s Notes                                                               June 10, 2015

Hi all,

What a fantastic last week of events! 8th grade art show at Moody’s, Celebration of Learning, and the Great Skate were all incredibly successful. Many thanks to the many hours of work it took to make all the events successful; big effort from students, staff, and parents. All of you should be proud of the accomplishments.

First round of Passages on Tues were very successful. Students presented with poise and clarity, highlighting and reflecting on their achievements. Round two is tomorrow (Thurs) so if on campus please be respectful of noise levels; ideally keep things quiet from 8-9 am and 12:30-2 pm. Thanks. Continue reading DN June 10, 2015

First planting complete

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Potential work party in mid-July (18th or 19th?) – TBD.

May was a wet, cold month with lots of thunderstorms and variable weather. Getting all the rain was lovely and we so desperately needed it – believe me, there are no complaints here. But, the cool temps and heavy rainfall delayed planting in the bales. Seedlings are tender and delicate and needed a span of warm, mild weather for me to feel confident to plant outside. Continue reading First planting complete

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