DN Oct 29, 2014

SELS  Summit Day Group Shot


Oct 31 – Bear Walk ; 9:45-11/11:30 am

Nov 10 & 11 – NO SCHOOL ; professional development day for all schools and Veteran’s Day

Nov 14 – Gratitude Dinner

Nov 19 – Minimum Day

Nov 24-28 – NO SCHOOL ; Thanksgiving Week

Dec 10 – Minimum Day

Dec 22 – Jan 2 – NO SCHOOL ; Winter Break

Director’s Notes                                                                     Oct 29, 2014

Hi all,

What a great first annual SELS Summit Day. First graders prepped all other crews for the adventure and students responded wonderfully; the solitude and reflection time at the pass was virtually silent for 15 min, and the shared thoughts of students was insightful and inspirational. Many thanks for the help driving and chaperoning, and to the Bell Crew for initiating and organizing the community building day.

Electives is starting up Nov 14 and runs on Fridays from 12:45-2 until Dec 19. We are again looking for volunteers to help with the program. You can facilitate something of interest to you that would also be interesting to students; you can select your age range and number of students as well (we shoot for 8-12 students per elective). If interested in helping, please email or talk to Anna Demm (ademm@truckeecharterschool.org). We will also run two more blocks: Jan 9 – Feb 13 (skipping Jan 30 due to middle school minimum day) and Feb 27 – March 27. Volunteers are needed for all sessions.

For those unfamiliar with Electives: this is a chance for parent “experts” to share with students interesting hobbies and/or skills (examples: knitting, songwriting/singing, photography, poetry, games, science activities, magic tricks, etc.). The time is meant to build community (the elective classes are mixed age), expose students to various experiences they would not usually get, and potentially build lifelong interests and skills. Staff also offer courses, so ideally there are 17-20 classes happening (thereby keeping group sizes smaller). The program only works when parents participate, so please join us.

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Back from Fieldwork on the Coast

Crew had an amazing learning adventure on the beaches, dunes, and redwood forests! The geology of the coast gave us the opportunity to observe the effects of plate tectonics near the Mendocino Triple Junction and a perfect vantage point to discuss the cycling of water around our planet. We set up some water experiments…and then, ironically, it rained all over them! We’ll set up new ones on campus this week…

The week ahead:
Math: We resume an exploration of area in our CPM textbook.
Expedition: We’ll dig deeper into the water cycle and the effects of tectonic plate motion on the Earth’s surface.
Literacy: Protected reading in Book Club on Monday and Tea & Treat discussion Wednesday / Writers Workshop Tuesday and Thursday with grammar Caught Ya’s and informative writing.
Fix-it Friday will happen Friday morning before Community Meeting to accommodate the BearWalk – this is for crew who need to re-test on expedition learning targets.

Other Happenings:
SELS Summit Day on Tuesday – permission slips needed! We will ride the bus to the trailhead for Castle Peak that begins behind the I80 rest area. Parent drivers will bring us back to school.
McMains Crew will run this Friday’s Community Meeting.Friday is the SELS BearWalk – students are reminded to wear school-appropriate costumes and comfortable walking shoes. Crew, remember to get those friends and family pledges for your laps – every cent you raise goes to your crewroom!
SELS will host a parent Math Night on November 6th – come experience the College Preparatory Math / Common Core math program to really understand the rich learning your child is experiencing. Discover the benefits of collaborative study teams and how this structure deepens your child’s fundamental conceptualization of mathematical ideas.


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