DN Nov 19, 2014


Nov 24-28 – NO SCHOOL ; Thanksgiving Week **this is different than other district schools**

Dec 10 – Minimum Day

Dec 18 – Celebration of Learning, 6-7:30 pm

Dec 22 – Jan 2 – NO SCHOOL ; Winter Break

Director’s Notes                                                 Nov 19, 2014

Hi all,

Wonderful to see so many of you at Gratitude Evening. Really enjoyable meeting more people and hearing students share their appreciations. Great job by PTC and all the volunteers. There is some dishware left at the Rec Center now in the Office; please stop in and pick up anything you are missing.

Reminder: NO SCHOOL next Mon-Fri, Nov 24-28.

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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

As we enter into our 3rd and final case study of our expedition, we examine the law of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence as the cornerstone and foundation of the United States government.  Beginning with the infamous “Paul Revere’s Ride,” students have compared and contrasted multiple historical primary sources and created beautiful found poetry through the lens of works by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Phyllis Wheatly.  We have also composed a “rap” based on Taxation of the colonies (to be performed at our Social Dance final product).  Next up, we will create a personal Decalogue, comprised of 10 “maxims” (thank you, Dr. Franklin), and will work from a menu system to create a synthesis box that holds learned information about the famous and important documents that have shaped our country.   Continue reading

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