DN for Sept 30, 2014


Oct 1 – CBEDS Information Day: student attendance a must

Oct 3 – Picture Day (Oct 15 make up day)

Oct 13-17 – Minimum Day Week, which also means Goal-setting Conferences

Oct 22 – Minimum Day

Oct 31 – Bear Walk ; 9:45-11/11:30 am

Nov 10 & 11 – NO SCHOOL ; professional development day for all schools and Veteran’s Day

Nov 14 – Gratitude Dinner

Nov 19 – Minimum Day

Nov 24-28 – NO SCHOOL ; Thanksgiving Week

Director’s Notes Sept 30, 2014

Hi all,

Nice to have the rain over the weekend and get rid of the smoke. Hope everyone is enjoying the return to clean, breathable air. I am going on fieldwork with McMains Crew Wed/Thurs this week, so please direct any needs to Jenn or Anna in the Office. (I am sending these Notes out a day early since I will not have Internet access on Wed).

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Crew Update 9/30/14 and important fieldwork information

Important Dates

Picture Day: Oct 3

Grouse Ridge Fieldwork: Oct 9-10

Minimum Day: Oct 13-17 and Oct 22

Williams Crew conferences: Oct 14, 15

SELS Summit Day: Oct 28

San Francisco Fieldwork: Oct 29-30

Bear Walk: Oct 31

Williams Crew Families,

I want to thank all of the people that helped put together the last minute planning of our trip to the airport.  A big thanks to Ashley for organizing, Crescent, Steph, Chris, Jim, and Chad for Driving, and especially Hardy for hosting us.  The crew learned a great deal about flight, navigation, and all of the ways our Truckee airport helps the community. I have posted the pictures on the crew website if you are interested in checking them out.
Goal-setting conferences:
I wanted to let you know that we are having goal setting conferences on Tuesday October 14 from 12:00-5:30 and Wednesday October 15 from 12:00-3:00.  I will share with you a Google document to sign-up for a half hour time slot.  There will be two families scheduled for each half hour time slot.  During that 30 minutes, you and your child will come with the goals you created for this school year.  I will go through your goals with you to make sure they are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely).  I have attached a document explaining what that means (or you can ask your child).  The students came up with a first draft to their goals today.  Sometime between now and the conference, each parent will need to sit down with their student and talk about their goals.  
If your child has set goals that you agree with help them word their goals in a appropriate way that makes them SMART goals.  If you do not agree that the goal that your child has set, help give them suggestions about areas that you think they should focus on improving.

For families that have come to the conference prepared with their goals, the conference could be very quick.  I will read over the goals, make sure they are appropriate, answer any questions, and send you on your way.
For families that do not bring there completed goal sheets I will leave you alone with your child to create SMART goals.  Once you have created your goals I will review them with you and answer any questions.
We have a lot of fun events coming up in October.  Here are the important dates:
Rescheduling Grouse Ridge fieldwork (October 9-10):
I have been looking at dates to reschedule the Grouse Ridge fieldwork.  I am going to shorten the fieldwork and make it two days, one night: October 9th and 10th.  We will be leaving just after school starts on the 9th and have the students back before school ends on the 10th.  Again we will need drivers/chaperones, food shoppers, and people to help organize before the trip.
SELS Summit day (Oct. 28): The kindergarten is organizing a whole school hike day, and it is the day before our San Francisco trip.  We will only need parents to drive our crew to and from the hike, they will not need to stay for the hike.  The hike will be to Castle Peak (weather permitting) so the drive will not take that long.
San Francisco Bay Fieldwork (October 29-30):
We will be going to the San Francisco Bay/UC Davis for fieldwork on October 29-30.  For this trip we will need 6 drivers/chaperones for the entire trip.  Our plan will be to leave SELS right after school starts on the 29th and drive to Fisherman’s Wharf where we will depart on our sailing ship.  After sailing we will be staying at a girl scout camp in Lafayette. The following day we will be going to the UC Davis Campus and giving the students a chance to experience what it is like to navigate a college campus.  After a quick lunch at UC Davis, we will be coming back to SELS before the school day ends.
I understand that this is a very busy month so I wanted to give you all of the dates in advance.  After October we will not be doing any more fieldwork until the spring.  If you are available for any of the fieldwork (chaperone, food prep, ect) please let Ashley know.  She will be organizing all of the volunteers.
If you have any questions please let me know.

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